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I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back to GW2.

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"Crango may be a guardian and a staunch soldier of the Vigil, but an intense curiosity and sparkling cheer are what define him. Prone to distraction, he loves the world and all its shiny things, but his love for Middka outshines all else"

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"She’s tough as nails and mean as hell, but always getting Crango out of trouble. He may be an embarrassing goofball, but he’s HER embarrassing goofball. I really love the idea of a physically impressive, more martial Asura that is still very sharp intellectually, and more of her personality grew from there naturally. I’m proud of my warrior."

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"Da Wispas is better than all your faves: best thief, swaggiest swag, best human, the master of #yolo, the savior of all of Tyria…and nothing can convince him otherwise"
~Xx Da Wispas Xx

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Hey I was wondering how one gets on your lovely blog? Should I just submit something or do you take the pics yourself? Thxs :-)

from groovy-grilled-cheese

I do photoshoots with players and edit them.  I’d be happy to feature you but until the WvW tournament is over the blog is on hold. 

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There's too little norn ass on this blog!

from Anonymous

I’ll be happy to feature your Norn ass just as soon as Murder Season is over!

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"I don’t play ranger a whole lot honestly, but I want to try to start playing her again since she was my second 80. Also she’s really pretty so…"


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"Feihlim’s not inherently a bad guy, but he will make off with your wallet and anything else in the vicinity that might be remotely valuable. Nothing personal. He was recruited into the Order of Whispers a few years back and has rapidly made his mark as one of the worst agents ever, mainly due to a bad case of wanderlust and a tendency to get distracted by things that seem more interesting and more important than whatever he was supposed be doing. One of these days he’s going to get himself into real trouble, but until then he’s happy to keep skating along and dragging everyone “fortunate” enough to be considered a friend into whatever new scheme he’s thought up."

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I send you my best wishes for the murder season!  May we all kill each other in the most horrible ways!

Made this for my main blog, but putting it here too because I can.

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There are a few more days of posts left in the queue, but as of today I’m taking a break from editing so that I can focus on cold blooded mass murder in WvW.  Why would I want to spend countless hours editing, when I could spend countless hours murdering the shit out of anyone who gets in my way?

I’ll see you all when murder season is over!

Also if you’re on Tarnished Coast feel free to message me so we can be murder time pals!

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